Review~ Awakening to You… in Boston (Awakening Trilogy #1) by Fifi Flowers

Posted September 11, 2014 by sinfullysnarkykimmy

✮ ✮ ✮ Awakening to You… in Boston (Awakening Trilogy #1)✮ ✮ ✮

✮ ✮ By:Fifi Flowers✮ ✮

I was asked by Fifi to read Awakening to You…in Boston and provide an honest review. So let me just say honestly…. I really really enjoyed this book. First off let me tell you this was the break that I needed from the books with the crazy possessive extremely rich alpha males. Second this book was HOT, HOT, HOT!! I want my very own Drake DAMNIT!!

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Sofie is from LA and currently in Boston working on a set design for a play currently being held there for a few weeks. Drake is an architect who lives and works in Boston. These two are brought together by encounters in a local park. Once these two finally officially meet is when the fun starts.

Right off the bat you will have an instant connection with Sofie. The way Sofie’s telling of the story was written was like reading something that I would totally do or someone that I personally know would do, to try to get the hot stranger to notice me. Drake what can I say without giving too much way…. I’ll say he’s a HOT sweetheart and leave it at that. The chemistry between Drake and Sofie is off the charts. Both want the same things but won’t come out and tell the other because each is worried about the others dream career’s.

So if you’re looking for a a quick hot read that is unlike the alpha books out there now give Awakening to You… in Boston a chance. It’s a quick HOT, good read. Oh and you will be adding Drake Blaxton to you list of book boyfriends.

** warning this book does end on a cliffhanger but it’s not extremely major. Book 2 Awakening to You…in LA is scheduled to be released on Sept 22**

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