Review~ Back in the Game (Champion Valley #2) by Erin Kern

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✮ ✮ ✮Back in the Game (Champion Valley #2) ✮ ✮ ✮

✮ ✮ By:Erin Kern✮ ✮

4 Back in the Game Stars!

Back in the Game was the first book I’ve read by Erin Kern and I really enjoyed this book. The chemistry and banter between Stella and Brandon was amazing.

Stella is a former ballet dancer who had to give up dancing due to a knee injury. She now teaches ballet in Blanco Valley to younger dancer and help out the local football players with foot coordination.

Brandon is a local single father who had to give up his dreams of football and college to raise his son, Matt. After a night out with Stella Brandon finds that he can’t keep his mine off of Stella even after the first date from hell.

Both Stella and Brandon have their hang up. Brandon has an issue with people he care about leaving and Stella has an issue with letting people getting close to her, both mentally and physically due her background as a child.

Can these two help each other over come the hang-ups from past experiences and find their HEA?

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