Review~ Fighting to Stay (Fighting Madly #2) by S.L. Ziegler

Posted January 7, 2016 by sinfullysnarkykimmy

✮ ✮ ✮ Fighting to Stay (Fighting Madly, #2) ✮ ✮ ✮

✮ ✮ By:S.L. Ziegler✮ ✮

S.L. Ziegler you managed to have me going through another box of tissues with Fighting to Stay!! This was another drama filled, suspenseful, HOT, emotional, thrilling read! I cried, I laughed, I cheered and I also wanted to hand out one hell of a throat chop to Reed (I was even shocked at wanting to do this myself because I LOVE me so Reed).

Fighting to Stay takes place a few weeks after Fighting to Start. Hadley is off in South America helping out James and trying to find the old Hadley The Hadley that she use to be before Reed decided to put himself ahead of her. Reed is back in Atlanta trying to find Hadley and going a little crazy in the process. Will these 2 be able to find their way back to each other? I’m not saying my lips are sealed.

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Can I just say that this is one story that I am so sad to see come to an end. I do however see myself re-reading this story again in the future and STILL having the same emotions I had when I first read Fighting to Start and Fighting to Stay.

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