Review Request & Rating Guide

✮ ✮ ✮ Review Request & Rating Guide ✮ ✮ ✮

Hi amazing authors, PA’s and publishing companies!! We are currently taking review request.  If you would like for one of us to review your book please click on the link below labeled review request form.  

Please allow us 2 weeks to read and get the review posted.  We ask for 2 weeks because sometime things comes up that prevent us from getting through a book in a short amount of time and we don’t want to rush through a book and provide a half ass review. We will post our reviews on the website and share to our Facebook page, personal Facebook page through Goodreads, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon. 

We are NOT a paid for review blog. We read and review because we love discovering amazing new books and spreading the word about these amazing books that we come across and we love helping authors. 

Review Requst Click Here 


~~ Star Rating Guide ~~

Absolutely love it and just couldn’t get enough.  Not a book that we would forget.


Loved it, couldn’t get enough. However there was something that was missing.


  Like the story-line, and plot.  However there wasn’t a connection with characters.


It was alright but it just wasn’t something that I connected with.


Wasn’t my cup of tea.


~~ Hotness / Steaminess Rating Guide ~~

This book had us sweating from start to finish.  Caution if reading in public. A glass of wine, a fan and a significant other needs to be on hand.

You will be sweating. Caution if reading in public. Make sure you have that glass of wine and fan near by.


There were some steamy scenes but you should be fine if reading in public. A glass of wine maybe needed.


Steamy scenes but nothing too over the top or detailed.  The adult action is more implied and not detailed at all.


Total young adult where there is no detail. However there is that sexual tension.


Absolutely no sex or sexual tension at all.


**If we give a book a 1 or 2 star rating we won’t be posting a formal review.  If you would like our personal opinion on where the book may have fallen short in our eyes we will be happy to share that. **