Review~ Skin Deep by Trista Jaszczak

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✮ ✮ ✮Skin Deep ✮ ✮ ✮

✮ ✮ By:Trista Jaszczak✮ ✮

4 In Deep Stars!

When I started Skin Deep I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  This is the first Daddy Dom/babygirl BDSM relationship read for me, and I must say that I really enjoyed it.  It did take me a while to wrap my head around this relationship but once I did I totally loved this book.

Trista’s writing style was flawless and the character chemistry was smoking hot.

Lola owns a top tattoo parlor in Ohio and is faced with having to replace 2 key employees when they both have the chances to go work for other parlors in NYC and LA. while looking for replacement none of the applicants seem to fit.  That is until she meets River Hawthorne. River Hawthorne is a man who knows what he wants and will go after it and what he wants is Lola.  When Lola first meets River she know there is something different about him but can’t figure out what is. That is until he reveals that he is a Daddy Dom.  What is a daddy Dom you ask?  While he is the type of dom who is into taking care of his sub or babygirl.  This is just what Lola needs.  Especially after the childhood she went through.  

So if you are looking for a hot BDSM read to keep you warm on these cold winter nights then you need to check out Skin Deep.  

Hot tattooed men  ✔️

Hot sex scenes  ✔️

Total hot dom  ✔️

A strong plot  ✔️

This book will have you sweating, laughing and crying.  Total MUST READ!

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