Review~ Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt

Posted July 25, 2017 by sinfullysnarkykimmy

►Stud ◄

►By: Jamie K. Schmidt ◄

4 Total Stud Stars!!

I totally loved Stud by Jamie K Schmidt. I couldn’t put this book down. Terri Cooke had to leave her dream job and all of her friends to help take care of her brother Billy who is suffer from ALS. To make ends meet she has to take a job as a barista at the Beanary along with a part-time job in a customer service call center. This is so that she can transport her brother to and from all of his appointments. Little does Terri know that her life is about to chance one morning while delivering muffins and coffee to Wentworth Agency.

Mick Wentworth is currently the CFO of Wentworth Agency and is currently trying to keep the company afloat after having his father arrested and his mother fired. In order to keep the company in business he has to make sure he does everything he can to get Lemmingware games the publicity they deserve during a new game launch. However, there is on little problem…. Mich doesn’t know anything about gaming.

The chemistry between Terri and Mick is of the charts hot and steamy. This book as a little bit of something for all types of readers. If you’re looking for suspense, romance, drama, secrets, drama and gaming then you will LOVE this book.

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