Review~ Trussed (The Mastered Saga #2) By K.L. Silver

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✮ ✮ ✮ Trussed (The Mastered Saga #2) ✮ ✮ ✮

✮ ✮ By:K.L. Silver ✮ ✮

Way to hit a home-run Ms Silver with Trussed!! I have to say out of the 2 book saga Trussed had to be my favorite. There was total HOTNESS, suspense, darkness and a shit ton of emotion!

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Trussed picks up right where Mastered left off with Missy finally back in James’s bed. Now this made me EXTREMELY happy because they are perfect for each other!

“JAMES perceived her needs as if the road map were stamped into his DNA.
Polite society would never understand, but, theirs was truly a perfect fusion – right up there with bricks and mortar and chocolate and peanut butter…”

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However little do they know Ethan’s not a happy camper, with the way Missy walked away from him, and is planning his revenge. This is where things get interesting because I so didn’t see any of this coming.

I highly recommend reading Trussed if you are all about books with BDSM, romance, suspense, mystery, and a HOT alpha male who will do anything to keep his woman safe and happy.

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